Volusion Review

Today there are scores of Ecommerce sites waiting for you to give them some attention. Each one of them claims to be better than the other. Confusing isn' t it? Yes, today the World Wide Web is so wide that there are thousands of websites out here waiting for you to vote them as the best website ever. However, a few out there when they claim they are the best turn out to be the best. Volusion is one of them. Therefore, when you happen to chance upon Volusion, your very idea of shopping online will change for the better!

Not only is it versatile, but Volusion is known to be a highly refined and powerful solution to online shopping websites in the recent times. Shoppers across the world would agree to this. Now let us look at why Volusion is so good:

Across the web, we come across many websites that claim to be a shopping website. However, these do not completely live up to their promises. On the other hand, volusion is a genuine site that offers you nothing but a genuine shopping experience, i.e. what they call a 'all in one shopping cart experience. Their mantra is clear. You only need to purchase what you want to purchase. There are no hidden twists on the website that ask you to purchase something that you do not require! Therefore, you do not pay anything extra or end up with something you do not want. It is plain and simple, and it is here for you to see!

When you are browsing through the Volusion website, you will see that with much ease you can examine the product you want to buy. You can easily zoom in; flip it over even, to check what it is like. In addition, there are not just a few but many photographs of the product you want to buy. There images are easily uploaded so that you do not waste your time waiting for it to open.

If you run a small online business that offers products and services that you want to display on the site, it helps the vendors to display and manage their products in relevant groups and to display them under the right pricing category. Volusion website offers a large range subcategories and categories. This means there is something for everyone here.

One can easily apply multiple tags to their products, which make the visibility of the product across the categories, easier.

The administration panel, unlike other ecommerce websites, is completely managed by the computer, i.e. web based. This makes it easier for any buyer/purchaser to manage their shopping cart. You can even check on the ROI feature here as well as print important documents like the payment slips, copy of the invoice and receipts.

If one talks about strengths, then the admin panel on this website wins easily. It is an automated, web-based application that helps anyone and everyone manage their purchases online. It helps with documents such as the receipts of purchase and the invoice.

The best part about shopping at Volusion is that it does not keep you waiting for the confirmation email. They are quick, Volusion, and so in a moment, you will receive the confirmation mail informing you about the status of your purchase. Many of us are of the opinion that these confirmation mails do not matter but they do! People want a mail confirming what they have purchased. It is a way of interacting with the website and with these mails; people find an instant connection to the website. Therefore, if there are no confirmations mails, ecommerce websites will be missing customers.

A warning system that warns the customers about a particular out of stock product or something that is going to be available only for a short while, is another brilliant feature at Volusion. It not only warns the customer but also supplies the customer with either the solution that the product will be replenished or its substitutes.

By now, you are convinced that Volusion is a great Ecommerce website but there is more to it!

At volusion, you can download the application Integrate-Easy-Editor, which helps you to make pages of new content for your services and products. This helps in Search engine marketing.

At Volusion, they are aware the search engine results are very important to buyers. This is because whatever Google happens to throw up in the search results, is what people convert to. Therefore, Volusion is highly optimized where search engine results are concerned. So with the I.E.E Application and the fact that the Volusion is SEO savvy, you can be sure that your Ecommerce website is going to get a lot of traffic!

Volusion offers a lot more to Ecommerce websites. It helps to retain the customers on your site by creating this loyalty points program. Therefore, every time they purchase something, they get some points and over a period, they may redeem it.

The payment calculator offered by Volusion is brilliant and better than any you have seen. Once you have made your purchases and you begin the payment process, with the help of the location you have entered, it automatically calculates the sales tax to be levied on the purchase and then offers you the final amount. Therefore, it is valuable not only for the ecommerce websites but also to the buyers.

There are no security issues with Volusion. This is because unlike many other ecommerce websites, Volusion accepts Visa cards. This means that when one shops at Volusion their credit cards are in safe hands and the data is not handed out to any third party.

The shopping cart software used at Volusion has won a number of accolades in the past. It is very easy to use and its functionality, although simple, works wonders.


The best part about Volusion is that it understands its customers and is constantly innovating to make it simpler, and make the shopping experience at Volusion a happy one!