Core Commerce

Wanting to integrate your business solutions and get that perfection for your business? Then core commerce is the perfect e-commerce solution for you. With technology moving towards a different sphere one cannot afford to function anymore on the age old methods and look forward to prosperity. In today’s world running a successful business and playing it in the global arena needs you to be technically updated from all fronts.

Today's business demands a strong online presence without which you are incomplete. This is precisely what core commerce or ecommerce helps you achieve. Core commerce, to put in technical terms, refers to scalable eCommerce solution software for businesses offering cross platform integration between businesses called as b2b linking. It also offers easy, comfortable linking and execution of various websites. This means you can easily function as a multi vendor and a multi supplier chain providing multi lingual platform which allows multi user interface.

Core commerce is an excellent shopping cart eCommerce solution that can get integrated into many web based programs and networks and one does not need any programming knowledge or HTML experience about coding for executing the core commerce software. The software is out and out a web based solution and it hardly takes time to set it up and get rolling.

Some of the main features of the software, which cannot be overridden by a buyer, include unlimited bandwidth, pre-designed templates , software upgradations, unlimited logins for staff, access to webmail, integration in to networks like eBay, Facebook etc, a personal domain name which can get created, integration of various marketing tools, complete set of materials that can offer the best support and training for one to use and understand the software and many more such advanced features that can bring about a vast change in the way you conduct your business and can help you take it to a new platform altogether. All these services are yours for a very economic rate.

There are additional features that also come along with the core commerce setup for your business solutions and these are in the form of: setting up merchant accounts, setting up of payment gateways, purchases of SSL, complete customization of the web pages etc. You also get to do efficient order processing and this can be very helpful for your customers when they start ordering things on your online shop. There are a number of unique features that come along with your customized ordering webpage. These include things like order numbers that are unique, easy process of tracking your shipping information for the order in question, easy options for sending emails to your customers and administrators with details of the order, creation of numerous customer accounts etc. You can also go about introducing numerous fields, to capture all the information required, while creating forms.

Imagine having to track this all separately for each order and each customer and for each store. There are bound to be mistakes and manual integration and tracking is totally impossible. In addition to this you can also find an array of features that aid you in store management and administration. Core commerce would help you generate receipts as well as shipping details for the processed orders both for in-store tracking as well as for dispatch. You also get authorization process management along with the shopping cart core commerce.

The main competence that core commerce offers is the open user interface structural design that can actually let you customize forms and screens including web pages for any kind of database or even any type of payment gateway.

Some of the basic benefits that core commerce software can provide over conducting business on a non eCommerce platform comes in the form of reduced costing as you save a lot on labor, paperwork, manual errors that can occur while keying in information etc. Next indirect blessing is in the form of better time management as you get instant payment as well as ROI for all the marketing and advertising efforts. The customer also becomes satisfied as options are much more, easy and comfortable while shopping online.

Core commerce also helps you to handle more customer preferences, increased traffic as well as varied options for products. It can also handle multiple customer profiles with maximum ease and comfort. Core Commerce provides efficient software solutions that can aid in processing partner requirements and customer requirements. It also offers automated solutions for you to send emails to customers. This can lead to ample time for businesses to explore other means of development.

Shopping cart from core commerce is one of the ideal options that you can get for your business. Since the software integrates comfortably with eBay, it helps you to comfortably post your various products when it comes to hosting it for auction or even for fixed rates. With core commerce you can easily incorporate the various features of the QuickBooks and this simplifies bookkeeping management as well as inventory management. When it comes to checkout process it is one of the easiest and quickest.

The software comes with Rackspace as a hosting site. It is also compatible with many of the mobile phones like the Android, Blackberry and all iPhones. Thus one can easily see various reports with regards to ordering and purchasing from anywhere, anyplace and anytime. The software supports photos to an unlimited level and can support things like light box, image zoom and customizing options when it comes to snaps. You are bound to be amazed by the ccimageplus as well as the picknick integration concept that comes with it. This gives one the power of editing snaps right within the software.

Since you can find that the software is easy to use, install and is a web based solution there is no requirement for any additional software for the core commerce package to work for you. In short it is one of the best shopping cart eCommerce solutions that one can get in the modern world for suiting their business needs.