Pinnacle Cart Review

Setting up an online store does not have to be a challenging process if you have the right support. You can really make a lot of money with an online only storefront, or if you want to take your hometown store online to start making sales across the whole country you need a website where you can make sales easily. Unless you are a computer programmer or have the time and energy to put into building your site from the ground up on your own, you need a quality software option for your shopping site. One such software option is the Pinnacle Cart software.

Pinnacle Cart enables users to build their website, with design options and other easy building features, as well as offers a quality shopping cart option so that you can drive sales and increase traffic to your shopping site. The cart is easy to access and can be installed quickly. The Pinnacle Cart is different from some other carts because it gives you choices as to which format you can use the application in. You can opt for the hosted format, where you can get online and do all of your website maintenance, design and controlling from their hosted server. This option requires no programming language knowledge or HTML formatting expertise. Another option that Pinnacle Cart offers to users is the ability to host the cart on their server. This allows a business owner with programming knowledge or one who already has a programmer on staff to manage the business on their own using the Pinnacle Cart features. They can also add in anything they want simply and easily if they know HTML language. They also have an enterprise solutions option where you can have a virtual personal server for your business, which gives you the control and flexibility of a personal server without the cost of having your own. You get more management control over your site than with the hosted version without the expense of your own server. Each of these three options is a worthwhile choice depending on your individual needs for your business and whether you have the knowledge and time to manage your own server.

Pinnacle Cart ecommerce shopping cart offers a huge range of services for those who really want to market their online business effectively. As the website states, “Pinnacle Shopping Cart was built by Marketers, for Marketers.” Marketing your online business and setting it apart from the pack can be made simpler when you have a quality team on your side, such as the shopping cart software from Pinnacle Cart. Search engine optimization is really taken seriously by the makers of Pinnacle Cart and they make optimizing your site a lot easier than if you were trying to go it alone. You are able to create a flat URL structure, so that all of your pages flow from your company name’s URL. You can also create your own URL structure so that your products are easily picked up by search engines in search results. Each product page and category page for your business site will have a Meta keyword, title and description for even more SEO success.

Social media is also a great way to market your products, and Pinnacle allows you to drag and drop buttons onto your product pages so that shoppers can post the products to their Facebook page or Tweet them to all of their friends with just the click of a button. This is a great free add on to all customers.

Designing your website for your small or large business is also made fairly simple with the Pinnacle Cart drag and drop feature. As you are designing your page using their templates, you can add any buttons or other features that you want by simply dragging what you want from their available options and dropping it on your page. No web design knowledge is required to use this feature to easily design a web page that will really sell your items and make customers want to keep coming back for more. Customer support features are also in place with the Pinnacle Cart. Customers are able to set up an account so that they can see their previous orders, as well as status and shipping tracking information so that they can keep careful track of where their stuff is. They can also create wish lists and access them each time they log in. Fast one page checkout is also available, which customers really like because it makes checking out a really quick and easy process. With some websites customers may have to go through as many as 8 pages in order to just buy one item, but with Pinnacle Cart they can bypass all of the unnecessary stuff and get straight to ordering their items. Safety is another selling point of this shopping cart software, as they are in full PCI compliance and offer SSL secure checkouts, giving you the security that you want and need and safeguarding your customers as well. Customers can also choose from a large range of payment options so that they can also find a way to pay that works and is safe.

Managing your inventory is also made simple because you get emails when an item is low on stock and you can update inventory information with just a few clicks of your mouse.

To get Pinnacle Cart there are different pricing options available. The hosted solutions are cheaper and range in price from $29.95 to $149.95 per month. The two top-tier packages do not have start-up fees, the bottom three cost $49.95 to install. For Virtual Private Server Solutions you will pay either $249 per month or $349 per month plus a $79 start-up fee. The host on your own server feature costs $797 for a full license or $992 for a developer license. You can try whichever option you prefer right now with a full 14-day money back guarantee and you can change plans whenever you like at no cost to you.