Best Ecommerce Analytics


Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides many educational resources and is very user friendly. Whether you're new to analytics or an experienced user you'll find videos and articles to help you get the most out of Google Analytics.


Kissmetric provides great information of various users how have visited your site and also adding on the reasons why they have visited your site. And also adding on where they interested in any specific item on the website that they would want to purchase or no.


GetClicky is software that provides information on Traffic data for your website. The problem is accessing that data quickly, easily, and in an interface that just makes sense. The majority of analytics services fail in all regards. You wouldn't be here if your current analytics service met your needs. The good news is that Clicky is different.


Swix is a social media that provides tracks of the users who have signed up to your site and have showed interest in it as well. Adding on, they have the quality of marketing for your items and website at the same time. is software that gives you the records of your online website. It calculates the amount of people coming to your site thru various social media's. This also makes a great deal for your website because you have your software linked to all the social media's for marketing purpose as well.


Mixpanel is a website that provider's software's for individual users for their website. This helps calculate how many hits has your website calmed in the past 24 hours or so on.


Crazyegg is a website that provides status for or of any of your software's that you or your company may have launched. Once your company is linked with the Crazy egg's software they give you the status updates in a weeks time every week


Mint, which is also known as Heave Mint, is a software that helps you in designing your websites interface and get maximum views and customers towards your business. It gives your old business a new look with the same features that you have and better ideas for the customers what to buy.


Visistat is a website which has produced a software that tell you exactly who as clicked your website and what they have check and where they are currently located. This is one of the best software's approved by Google.


Webtrends is a website that keeps track record of your website and the products that you have. It's a good help for the entire ecommerce website. The software is directed to the clients website and automatically posts the latest products online without you having to work.


Chartbeat is a website that is basically working as a head of a website. They have software that works with the websites sales and customer support and also advice to customers what they exactly wanna buy.


StatsMix is software that tell you the future prediction of your website and where you need to work on. For instance, if people are not viewing your website then you need to market it in different places. This is something which is very help full to all.


Keylines is a software that take all the data provided by the website user and then gives its views on how the current website needs to change and how it will make profit with time and correct decisions