Big Commerce Review

With the world fast moving towards conducting online businesses, eCommerce solutions are the talk of the day. If you are migrating to online mode and want to do so without the help of eCommerce solutions it is going to impossible for you to sustain. ECommerce solutions like BigCommerce provide ultimate b2b solutions that are required for any online business and the number of functions that they integrate together through simple software, without having to have any manual intervention, can help businesses reach new goals and heights.

BigCommerce shopping cart is the answer to many of your online business problems and is the modern day state of art eCommerce solution provider for businesses. For using this solution one need not be a pro at HTML or internet or have any technical knowledge. It is easy to use, self educative and can be set up comfortably without the need for any additional software for it to run.

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BigCommerce shopping cart is an award winning eCommerce solution that is being opted for by many online stores and there are various packages to select from. The eCommerce solution is so good that you are even offered a free trial run for 15 day period (offer may be temporary) if you wish to put it to test. The software is found to be slick and ready to function in just a few minutes. You can also easily customize the software to meet your needs and demands based on your own online business requirements.

BigCommerce solutions come with a fully functional range of designs for your online store. When it comes to customization of software you are allowed to even add on to it your own policies with respect to refunds, returns, promotional details and more. The best feature of the software, which many consider to be a blessing is its easy drag and drop facility.

Today's online business is all about being SEO competent and functioning on the lines of SEO guidelines to make your store presence felt. This is what BigCommerce does as their software also incorporates the views and advice from the world's biggest SEO guru, Aaron Wall. Thus your business, when using BigCommerce, can clearly get an online competitive edge.

With this software, it is extremely easy and simple adding on products or categories, additional web pages and additional photos. All this is done inside the administration panel present in the software. With BigCommerce solutions you can advertise your shop on social networks like Facebook as it offers both the retailers and the merchants the facility to create storefront marketing. On these networks, this can actually be an excellent marketing solution. This feature is called the "SocialShop". You can display store products on social networking site page with ease. All you have to do is to add on the application to your own page, enter your own URL for your online store and shortlist the products that needs to be displayed onscreen. Bingo! There you go! Your products are now visible to the networking users on a tab called "Shopnow". Users can also share these products with their huge network of friends. When they click on the link to know more about the product they get automatically redirected to your webpage.

Start using this software and you will be floored by surprises. This software offers a feature packed ecommerce solution you cannot find anywhere else. BigCommerce is definitely the way to go if you wish to bring your business to prominence and establish a strong presence online. Some of the features are listed below. Read on to find out in detail what this effective and powerful eCommerce solution provider offers.

Features of BigCommerce with respect to store design are as follows:

  • 96 store designs template, each one of them a professional design that can be easily integrated with the current design.
  • Customization made easy with drag and drop option
  • HTML and CSS can be edited through the browser, FTP as well as in Dreamweaver
  • Uploading of logos using the logo editor
  • Easily change website text
  • Templates compliant with W3C and XHTML
  • Multi level category menus made available in the form of fly outs
  • Web based panel control can easily work with almost any of the popular web browsers
  • Editing of email templates is made possible


SEO features of BigCommerce which can be a blessing for your business include:

  • Recognized as well as optimized as the best SEO solution in eCommerce
  • Can redirect non WWW to WWW and vice versa
  • Editing of robots.txt file is possible
  • Allows setting up of your own links to redirect
  • Various links related to product, category, search, brand, page and news are fully SEO optimized for maximum benefits
  • Templates that are W3C valid are available
  • Tag and META tag usage
  • Auto addition of the latest SEO optimizations on a regular basis


Features of Big Commerce related to ordering and checkout:

  • Suggestive popup for the cart through InstantAdd
  • Acceptance of pre orders
  • Check out is in single page mode
  • Order quantities can be minimum and maximum
  • Checkout options for guest consumers
  • Store credits and refunds made easy
  • Tracking of details in line with delivery, shipping and orders placed
  • Confirmation via email
  • Display of terms to agree before confirming orders
  • Re-order made easy with a single click
  • Shopping cart supports multiple items
  • Creation of shipping orders
  • Store maintenance taken in to account
  • Generation of unique order numbers for tracking
  • Send a link to consumer for tracking orders


The list does not end here. There are more features to this software that supports products, marketing tools, product options, selling and branding on eBay and social networks, mobile eCommerce support, usage of multiple currencies, support for images as well as photos, security and hosting options, inventory support, Google website optimizer and safe and secure payment options.

In a nutshell, BigCommerce is definitely one of the best eCommerce solution providers.