AmeriCommerce Review

Whether you own a bricks and mortar store and want to start selling your wares online, already have an online store, or want to start a completely online storefront for a new business venture, you need some way to get your business up and running and to sell the items online. You need a way for customers to purchase the items, choose shipping options and pay for the products easily and quickly. One option for you if you are in need of online store assistance is shopping cart software from AmeriCommerce.

AmeriCommerce has been developing storefronts and managing online business applications since 2000. The software enables users to manage their online stores from a web based administration site and makes it easy for users to mange more than one store at a time. This way, if you have multiple stores you can log into one site and easily watch over how things are going for all your stores. You can easily manage the administration of your site or multiple sites from the web management console and have access to special features such as Graphical Reports, Catalog Editor, Marketing Analysis and other handy tools that make owning your own web business easier and more accessible.

Designing your storefront is a breeze with the Theme Manager feature. You can build your site from the ground up exactly how you want it, change various features to make it just right, or choose an already built template. Basically, you can have as little or as much power as you like over how your store looks and operates with the AmeriCommerce design templates and tools.

Another great feature of the AmeriCommerce software is how easy it makes it for you to communicate with your customers and handle all of their needs. With AmeriCommerce you are able to handle customer relationship management with an easily accessed, secure database that stores all of your customers’ information. You can simply click and view detailed customer and order history to help you deliver the best service and most wanted products to your growing customer base.

Shopping is made easy for your customers with 1-page checkout, a feature that AmeriCommerce pioneered. This feature can help you keep your customers’ attention and help you to close the sale easily because it allows the customer to only fill out one page of information before checking out. On many websites, there are multiple pages to go through before the customer gets to the final checkout page. Many times customers get frustrated by the multitude of pages and having to input the same information numerous times and so they abandon their shopping. The 1-page checkout combines the entire information gathering into one page and transfers information that the customer has already input into fields that are the same. This can help you make more sales because customers do not get frustrated with the ordering process. Another great feature that keeps customers happy is allowing them to bypass the “create account” feature that many sites require. Doing this enables customers to move right along to the checkout and skip this unnecessary step.

Managing your product catalogue is also an effortless process with the catalogue management feature of the software. You can simply log on to your administration site and update product information, edit your web based catalogue details and information and pricing controls. The pricing controls make it a one step process to set base prices or set up an advanced pricing structure to base prices on various factors. To display quality thumbnails of your products all you have to do is upload photos and the AmeriCommerce software will handle the thumbnail process so that you can show your customers detailed pictures of the products for even more sales. Another great option in the product catalogue is the ability to offer related products and product upsells with anything that your customers click on. They can easily see what other products are related to the one they are looking at, which can really help you to sell even more items to every single customer you have.

With AmeriCommerce you are also getting the peace of mind that your shopping site is safe and secure. AmeriCommerce offers a free 128bit SSL certificate for guaranteed security for you and your shoppers. The web based administration feature is also certified secure so you do not need to worry about your personal information getting stolen or your site getting hacked. Cisco firewalls are in place and military grade encryption enables your shoppers to input their information and know that it is safe and secured. The site is also reviewed daily by McAfee Hacker Safe and Scan Alert to stay on top of any breaches in security and check for any new hacker vulnerabilities. You will never have to worry about your site being unsafe with all of the many different security layers that AmeriCommerce has in place.

Depending on the size of your business and the amount of products you want to sell, there are different price levels of service from AmeriCommerce. If you sell less than 100 products and have a smaller number of customers, then the entry level Steel package is probably for you. This package is $24.95 per month and normally has a $49 start-up fee, however there are often deals offered on the site for $0 start-up fees. If you have a larger business then you will pay anywhere from $39 per month for the Bronze package all the way up to $299 per month for the Platinum package. With any package you can add on another business for only $39 extra. All packages come with a free shared SSL and no transaction fees ever, so no additional costs will pop up on your monthly bill. No matter what the size of your business is, you can meet your needs and advance your business goals with one of the packages available from AmeriCommerce.

AmeriCommerce has many great features for business owners who want to make sales online without having to handle all of the technical aspects of running an e-commerce venture.